Artistic and industrial Łódź

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Łódź – Poland’s third biggest city, called the „Polish Manchester”, is one of the most dynamically changing cities in the region. During many years considered as a typical grey industrial town, famous mostly for its prestigious cinema school, now it has much more to offer. Old factories are being transformed into shopping & culture centers while boutique hotels and cozy restaurants spring up in ulica Piotrkowska – the longest street in Poland. It’s a paradise for urban explorers, at every step you can observe contrasts and traces of its history: beautiful eclectic palaces that belonged to the factory owners and neglected 19-th century tenement houses, artistic installations where you least expect them, impressive street art on derelict buildings. Courtyards full of mysteries and surprises…

Let us show you one of the coolest cities in Poland, perfect for a one-day trip as it’s only 135 km from Warsaw.

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