Discover Warsaw backyards and make your own souvenir!

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This tour starts in the city center, next to a monument that is easy to find. We’ll walk along the streets that may seem very common at the first sight, but once you get to know their secrets you won’t look at them in the same way. You will see relics of three different periods in Warsaw’s history: WWII and the ghetto, communism and the new reality after 1989. You will see what hides in the backyards and who you can meet there. Yes, Warsaw is full of surprises. Behind the modern facades you can still find a piece of old Warsaw or small shops where craftsmen work. Not only will you have a chance to talk to them and buy unique souvenirs, but they will help you make your own souvenir from Warsaw (ceramic cup and/or gingerbread decorated by you)! The program may change from one day to another (we’ll let you know which visit is planned for the dates of your stay), but you can be sure that each meeting will be very inspiring!

Duration: 3,5 hours

Price per person: 35 EUR

Visit available from Monday to Friday in the afternoon.

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