Lublin – a romantic city with a long history

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Lublin, situated 170 km to the southeast of Warsaw, used to be a major commercial and cultural center of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Due to the European fame of its Yeshiva, the city used to be called the Jerusalem of the West. Nowadays we can visit both the former Christian and Jewish cities, following into the footsteps of renowned Lubliners, such as the Seer of Lublin, famous tzaddiks and rabbis, Polish kings, writers, poets and composers. The Old Town, situated on a hill, is small but very picturesque.

At the entrance of the city there’s an open-air museum that transports you to the Polish countryside at the beginning of the XXth century. You can visit typical houses, shops, a post office, a mill, a manor and a beautiful wooden church. All the buildings are original buildings that used to stand in real villages in the area of Lublin.

Program of the tour:

  • Old Town, its most beautiful houses and churches (including the Cathedral)
  • Former Jewish city
  • Royal Castle, Chapel of the Holy Trinity with its fifteenth-century frescoes
  • Yeshiva, synagogue and Jewish cemetery
  • Open-air museum

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