Kraków (Cracow) is Poland’s most popular tourist destination. It’s quite understandable given convenient flight connections, beautiful architecture and historic heritage of that city. But while planning your trip to Cracow, you should consider visiting the nearby region of Silesia. We recommend you 3 cities: Wrocław, Katowice and Opole. Wrocław – the capital of Lower Silesia – is often referred to as the Polish Venice. It’s a vibrant city with lots of good restaurants and bars, an important university (which makes it a very young city)…Continue Reading “Southern Poland – not only Cracow”

Let’s say you decides to spend Christmas in Poland. Wouldn’t it be good to know something about Polish Christmas traditions? The first thing you need to know is that for the vast majority of Poles Christmas is a family holiday, which means that in the countryside and in smaller towns everything will be closed and streets will be rather empty on the 24th of December after 2 pm. Some life will come back to the streets shortly before midnight when families go to church (yes,…Continue Reading “Christmas in Poland – what to expect? 10 most important things about Polish Christmas and useful tips”

Train – is it the best way to travel around Poland? For many years the abbreviation PKP – Polish State Railways was considered by Polish travelers as a synonym for delays, old and dirty trains that often broke in winter, unpredictability. Not to mention the crowded railway stations and the lines to the ticket offices… Those times are now gone and I strongly recommend you to travel around Poland by train for at least 3 reasons: Polish trains are reliable and fast Today Polish train…Continue Reading “How to travel around Poland?”

Cracovia, l’ex capitale della Polonia, è conosciuta per la sua bellezza e la ricchezza della sua architettura che riflette diversi stili storici. La piazza del mercato di Cracovia, la più grande d’Europa, vibra di vita giorno e notte. Durante il nostro tour avrete la possibilità di passeggiare lungo le più belle strade di Cracovia, fare una sosta per lo shopping nella famosa sala dei tessuti, scalare la collina del castello. In seguito la guida vi porterà al museo degli ex campi di sterminio – Auschwitz…Continue Reading “CRACOVIA & AUSCHWITZ”

Duration: 2h Program of the tour: During this tour we go back in time and show you less known places in Warsaw which are not so easy to find and where you can feel the spirit of this city and get to know interesting facts about its history. In Praga district you can see what Warsaw was like before the last war, as this district suffered much less during WWII. Here, around Targowa Street, trade and industry used to be concentrated. Our trip will begin…Continue Reading “Discover Praga District”

Lublin, situated 170 km to the southeast of Warsaw, used to be a major commercial and cultural center of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Due to the European fame of its Yeshiva, the city used to be called the Jerusalem of the West. Nowadays we can visit both the former Christian and Jewish cities, following into the footsteps of renowned Lubliners, such as the Seer of Lublin, famous tzaddiks and rabbis, Polish kings, writers, poets and composers. The Old Town, situated on a hill, is small but…Continue Reading “Lublin – a romantic city with a long history”