This 3-hour walking tour guided by a licensed guide will let you discover Warsaw must-see sights: Palace of Culture & Science, Saxon Garden, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Presidential Palace, Royal Castle Square and The Old Town. You will immerse yourself in the captivating history of Warsaw – the incredible city that arose from rubble! During the tour you will find out lots of interesting facts and anecdotes about this amazing city and its people. It will be a journey in time: middle ages, 18-th century,…Continue Reading “Classic walking tour of Warsaw”

Take a walk in Chopin’s footsteps! Visit the places where Chopin lived with his family! Listen to Chopin’s music during the walk! Taste the drink Chopin drunk to improve his health! Enjoy 1-hour concert in a beautiful music salon! During this tour you will find out where Chopin’s heart is, where he lived with his family, where he played the organ every Sunday and where he spent free time with his friends. We’ll talk about the ladies he loved and about his life in Paris. You…Continue Reading “Spend an evening with Frederic Chopin! Available every day!”

Duration: 2h Program of the tour: During this tour we go back in time and show you less known places in Warsaw which are not so easy to find and where you can feel the spirit of this city and get to know interesting facts about its history. In Praga district you can see what Warsaw was like before the last war, as this district suffered much less during WWII. Here, around Targowa Street, trade and industry used to be concentrated. Our trip will begin…Continue Reading “Discover Praga District”

Before World War II one third of the inhabitants of Warsaw were Jewish. Warsaw was an important center of Jewish cultural life where one could watch movies in Yiddish or buy one of 40 Jewish newspapers (most of them in Yiddish). All this world disappeared during the last war, but there are still traces of Jewish culture in nowadays Warsaw. On this tour you will see the Synagogue, Próżna street – the only street of Warsaw ghetto with original houses that survived WWII, the last…Continue Reading “JEWISH WARSAW”

For gourmets we have a special offer: our culinary tours that will allow you to discover all the richness of Polish cuisine and its – sometimes surprising – flavors. No, Poles do not eat only cabbage and potatoes! We have hundreds of delicious soups, interesting proposals based on vegetables and superfoods, unique desserts! During the tour you will discover nice corners and traces of different eras: a restaurant which will take you to the interwar Poland, a bar of the communist era, bars frequented by…Continue Reading “CULINARY TOURS AND POLISH COOKING CLASSES (WITH VEGETARIAN AND VEGAN OPTION)”

This tour starts in the city center, next to a monument that is easy to find. We’ll walk along the streets that may seem very common at the first sight, but once you get to know their secrets you won’t look at them in the same way. You will see relics of three different periods in Warsaw’s history: WWII and the ghetto, communism and the new reality after 1989. You will see what hides in the backyards and who you can meet there. Yes, Warsaw…Continue Reading “Discover Warsaw backyards and make your own souvenir!”